What is Abide?

Spiritual warfare training

You can attend a two day live seminar.

Abide will teach you how to overcome the tactics of the enemy by exposing how he hides with in our lives

This will give you tools to apply daily through knowing your spiritual positions you have attained through Jesus and how to see that activated in your life.
Abide will help you to see your relationships differently, by showing you how to stand in authority in areas that tend to cripple you. Know the battle within your mind and how to overcome it.

Coming soon!

  • 5 digital 40 min teaching videos
  • Abide spiritual warfare handbook (sold on amazon)

Abide session topics

  • Session 1: Authority
  • Session 2: Battlefield
  • Session 3: Identity
  • Session 4: Deliverance
  • Session 5: Enemies Exposed