Living In Freedom
A 10 Week Series

Phase 1 Classes

Know the Love of God

Living in Expectation

The Power of a Bold Mouth

The Power of Praise

Our Identity In Christ


Phase 2 Classes

Fear of Rejection


Exposing the Enemy


Things to Consider Before Signing Up


A necessary element to the healing and freedom process is sharing in a small group. It’s important to be open and willing to be vulnerable, otherwise the group dynamics can be hindered.

Each week you will leave with questions to talk to God about that will reveal hurts from your past and lies that you have believed. This is really essential to renewing your mind and experiencing healing. The small group is where you will verbally process what the Holy Spirit has revealed to you.

Finally, we ask that you not miss more than two weeks  in order to protect the group dynamics and the continuity of the teaching.  If you are unable to commit to that, then it’s best to sign up for a future study.

Living in Freedom
2 Day Seminar at your church

A condensed version which consists of teaching and breakout group workshops as well as deliverance prayer. If you are not able to do the 10 week study, then this is an option to bring freedom to the women of your church. Contact the ministry directly for more information.