Inner Healing Sessions

Inner Healing/Deliverance Sessions

Info About The Program

This is an individual 1 hour session with Sarah or someone on her team (depending on your personal need). We are now offering sessions for men and married couples. There is a separate page coming. In the mean time if you are requesting mens deliverance prayer or ministry for married couples then please fill out the form below.   If you proceed with a session, we may suggest you to watch the Living in freedom videos or attend a live class in-order to help equip you in your journey to freedom.

This 1 hour session is a spirit led session where Sarah will take you through areas of your life you need healing or break through. We will be allowing the Holy Spirit into these areas by prayer and confession, as well as coaching and mentoring to continue the pursuit of freedom in your life.

Inner healing will be dealing with past experiences and areas God wants to heal in your heart such as; past trauma, forgiveness, confession of sin, etc.

Deliverance will be dealing with any areas the enemy has been able to gain a foothold, by removing the grip through the power of Jesus Christ.

Application Process

This will take commitment from you, and we ask that you are 100% committed- physically, emotionally, spiritually. We look at each request for this ministry on an individual basis. Once your questionnaire has been reviewed and we feel like this ministry is a good fit for you, we will send an acceptance email with further details.

This is a donation based ministry and we encourage generosity, so we can continue to bring freedom to individuals. Make donations payable to Joy and Hope Restored, we also accept credit cards. We strongly believe that each individual needs to make a personal investment into their healing. This donation is tax-deductible and will go towards Joy and Hope Restored's ministry.


7. Have you ever had inner healing or deliverance ministry or prayer?

Have you previously attended another Joy and Hope Restored class or event, in person or online?

9. Do you have any areas in your life you feel like you can't get break through?

10. Are you diagnosed with any mental illness? (depression, bi-polar, anxiety, etc.)?

Do you take medication for it?

12. Ever had an abortion?

14. Were you or any of your family members in the occult, or cults? Ex. Witchcraft, Free Masons, Jobs Daughters, any church or organization that denies the deity of Jesus, Black Magic, White Magic, Reiki, study of Yoga, Hindu etc. yesno

If you answered yes, please explain.