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Healing  Prayer

Healing prayer is a Holy  Spirit led inner healing and deliverance session either by phone or in person with two team members of Joy and Hope Restored Ministry. This prayer will lead an individual into deeper intimacy with Jesus by helping a person encounter the power of the Holy Spirit, while bringing freedom and healing. To request a prayer session you must have gone through the video series

Living in Freedom.

Once you finished Living in Freedom video series
fill out intake form below to request a prayer session
Healing Prayer Team
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Moira Docherty

Moira is a physical therapist and is drawn to bring healing to one’s body as well as their heart. Her empathy and compassion for people’s loss and pain is what drives her. Moira  oversees Joy and Hope Restored’s small groups and video series, and also coaches leaders. She has a gift of inner healing and helps individuals walk through their story into liberation.

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Jaime Ortiz

Jaime is a wife and mother of two. She has experienced God’s power and healing as He rescued her from drug addiction, abuse and the sex industry. She previously ran her own ministry called Divine where she ministered to strippers and helped bring them into freedom. Jaime has a heart for bringing deliverance to the hurting and unchurched. Her fire and faith in God is contagious!

Healing Prayer Intake Form

    7. Have you ever had inner healing or deliverance ministry or prayer?

    Have you finished the video series Living in Freedom? If not, please do so before requesting prayer.

    9. Do you have any areas in your life you feel like you can't get break through?

    10. Are you diagnosed with any mental illness? (depression, bi-polar, anxiety, etc.)?

    Do you take medication for it?

    12. Ever had an abortion?

    14. Were you or any of your family members in the occult, or cults? Ex. Witchcraft, Free Masons, Jobs Daughters, any church or organization that denies the deity of Jesus, Black Magic, White Magic, Reiki, study of Yoga, Hindu etc. yesno

    If you answered yes, please explain.