Living in Freedom & Staying in Freedom

Living in Freedom  LIF is a 10 session inner healing Bible study series. This study includes 10 video teachings and homework. Each lesson will help equip you to live free from your past by experiencing the truth of who God is. Each lesson with give you tools to apply daily as you experience new found freedom. Option to lead LIF as a small group.

Staying in Freedom  SIF is a 4 session Bible study series with homework. This   curriculum will take you into deeper intimacy with Jesus by exposing all beliefs that come in resistance to God’s truth, by unveiling the heart. Option to lead SIF as a small group.


LIF and SIF comes in two formats. For individuals or to lead your own small group.


Abide is a spiritual warfare training series that consists of 7 teaching videos. Abide will help you gain tools to apply daily through knowing the spiritual position you have through Jesus. Then you will see how to have that truth activated in your life.
This will help you to see your relationships differently and teach you how to stand in authority in areas that tend to cripple you. Learn how to abide in Jesus and His finished work.

Topics included in series- Authority, Battlefield, Identity, Deliverance, Enemies Exposed

 Abide spiritual warfare training series includes: (Small group leader package available)

  • This includes 7 video teachings
  • Abide spiritual warfare training handbook pdf
  • Prayer and devotional quiet time reflection with each video.


Purchase ABIDE in two formats. For individuals or to lead a small group

Set Free Book

A journey through loss, addiction and depression

Inner Healing & Deliverance Prayer Book

A book of prayers and related scriptures on a variety of subjects.

Inner Healing and Deliverance Prayers-2

Spiritual Warfare Training Handbook