LIF and SIF Video Series

Have you ever wondered where God was during a painful experience in your life?

Are you struggling with controlling negative thought patterns?

Do you want to know God more, but feel you are hindered in your spiritual walk?

Have you felt you have lost hope in visions and dreams of your life?

How these Bible study series can help you

You will walk through the healing of painful past experiences by allowing God into them.

You will be given tools to walk through what it means to have a renewed mind (Romans 12:2).

This process will take you into a closer relationships with the Father as you come to understand the true character of God. Freedom is found in knowing His love.

You will be ignited to dream and see God’s promises fulfilled in your life.

3 Options To Choose From

3 month access to LIF and SIF video series

3 month access to 10 videos of Living in freedom video series and 4 videos of Staying in Freedom series.


3 month access to downloadable curriculum and homework for further growth

For a one-time fee of $60

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    Unlimited Monthly Partnership to LIF and SIF Video Series

    Unlimited access to LIF and SIF video series.

    Unlimited access to  downloadable curriculum and homework for further growth for the lifetime of your partnership


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    Why I Started the Living In Freedom Classes

    My path to freedom began while attending Bible school in the mid-west. It was there that I first started to understand the love of God, and my life began to change for the best. Through many years of healing by the renewing of my mind, I learned the true character of God. I chose to believe the abundant life that Jesus died for me to have was real and I began to fight for it through my actions and words. I am now free from suicidal depression, drug addiction, and an abusive relationship that I was captive to. He also healed the emotional pain and grief that I experienced from the loss of my mom and sister.

    Now I’m compelled to help other people live in true freedom and stand empowered by the truth of who God created them to be. I want to help them on their journey to healing and restoration through God’s power and word.