Staying In Freedom



Staying in Freedom Explained



  • 5 session aftercare series with workbook.
  • Staying in Freedom will help you enter into new levels of intimacy with your Heavenly Father, which will produce a life of freedom.
  • Will take you deeper into healing areas of your heart.
  • Teaches you how to go to the Holy Spirit yourself and allow Him to be your councilor and friend.
  • The teachings will help you to identify areas in your life that are keeping you from knowing God by exposing strongholds in certain belief systems.
  • Will challenge you to pursue rest, and understand what resting in God really means, while challenging you to fight back and claim the land in your life that Jesus purchased for you to have.


Session Topics

Session 1: Knowing God

Session 2: Unveiling the Heart

Session 3: Entering His Rest

Session 4: Devil Exposed 2

Session 5: The Fullness of Christ



Staying in Freedom is an after-care and follow up to our Living In Freedom series.  You can access the videos from the Living in Freedom video series page.